You ever sometimes just accidentally hate yourself?

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And you can tell the world
That you’re tired
But your excuses, they won’t work
‘Cause I’ll know that you’re lying
Every time that I see your face
I notice all the suffering
Just turn to my embrace
I won’t let you come to nothing

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pet peeves:
- people who don’t cut their dogs nails
- people who don’t wipe all the snow of their cars

OMG. Dude, working at my last job cutting dog’s nails was seriously the biggest pain in the ass. Dog owners seem to think that its okay to just let them grow. The amount of times I’ve seen nails digging into the pads and had to send the pet to the vet is ridiculous.

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I apologize

for attempting to fix you

when I was broken.

Haiku on Trial and Error | Connotativewords | jl (via connotativewords)

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